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Pigment Green 7

Pigment Green 7
Pigment Green 7
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Product Code : SACC 1001Y
Product Description

Product Code

SACC 1001Y


Cu,Phthalocyanine green

C.I. No

74 260






Name:Pigment Green 7

C.I.No.: 72460

CAS No.:1328-53-6

Chemical Class: Copper Phthalocyanine

EINECS No.215-524-7


Use of the substance

Colouring component for

Coatings, Inks, Plastics & Rubber

First aid measures

In case of inhalation:

Provide fresh air. Consult physician if problems arise.

In case of skin contact:

Remove contaminated, saturated clothing immediately. Wash immediately with: Water and soap.

IN case of eye contact:

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately thoroughly with plenty of water and consult an


In case of ingestion:

Rinse mouth thoroughly with water Consult physician

Fire-fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing media: Water mist, foam, extinguishing dry chemical recommended

Extinguishing media that must not be used for safety reasons:

Full water jet, CO2 Special hazards from the substance itself, its combustion products or from its vapors:As pigment is nonflammable there is no special fire hazard Special protective equipment for firefighters

Use self-contained breathing devices

To employ extinguishing techniques that do not create dusts or are otherwise appropriate to the fire conditions

Special exposure hazards:

Contaminated firefighting water must not be discharged into the drainage system.

Respiratory protection:

Filtering mask P.

Hand protection:

Use impervious/antistati

c/PVC/PE gloves

Eye protection:

Eye glasses with side protection type 4 (EN 166).

Protective clothing:

Working clothes protecting the whole body

Physical and chemical properties

Form: Powder

Colour: Bright

Green Odor:Orderless

PH value:4.48.8

Melting point/ Melting range:480°C

Flash point:Not applicable

Flammability: Non-flammable

Ignition temperature: Not applicable


Solubility in water: Insoluble

Vapour Pressure: Not applicable Octanol/Water partition

Coefficient (Log Pow): Not determined

Stability: This product is stable under normal storage conditions. Hazardous reaction

 No dangerous reactions known Hazardous decomposition products

No dangerous decomposition products are known if handled & stored appropriately Conditions to avoid Temperature exceeding thermal stability High concentration of powders Electrostatic charges Materials to avoid Very strong oxidizing and reducing agents




Physical Properties

Mass Tone : 0.2 %

Tint Tone : 1:10 Ratio

Sieve Residue (PPM) Max. 1000

Oil Absorption(gms) 45 -60

Bulk Density(gm/ml) 40 - 60

Salt Content (%) Max. 1

Moisture Content (%) Max. 1

PH Value 4.4 8.8

Fastness properties & Specification

Heat °C PP -

Mass Tone 260°C / 5 min.

Coloristic properties (Tint)

Strength : ± 5 %

Heat °C PP -Tint Tone 30 0°C / 5 min.

Coloristic properties(Tint) DA,DB,DE,DC,DH,DL: ±1

Light Mass Tone 8

Light fastness :

Scale 1 -8 1~Poor & 8 ~ Excellent

Light Tint Tone 8

Weather fastness : Scale 1 - 5 1~Poor & 5 ~ Excellent

Weather Mass Tone 5

Migration : Scale 1-5 1~Poor & 5 ~ Excellent

Weather Tint Tone Heat Stability °C DE</=3 at Maximum Temp. with

dwell time 5 minutes.


PVC, Cable, rubber, PO, PS, Engineering plastics& spin dyeing.


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